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So here’s to all the girls who want a FUCKEN thigh gap. It’s sick as fuck and its sad. I am not mean I am telling the truth. Men don’t want a skeleton,sticks,dead body, they want curves,shapes, LITTLE BOYS LIKE STICKS BUT MEN DO NOT.
no guy is no eww look at that girls she does not have a thigh gap” they want a body with shape. Fuck what people say about u, cuz u are what the day may start off with. YOU! YEA YOU MAKE THE DAY HOW U WANT IT DON’T BLAM YOUR FUCKEN BODY IT’S FINE IT’S YOU! YOU CAN EITHER MAKE IT A HAPPY OR MAD DAY. DON’T BLAME ANY ONE! ALL THOSE GIRLS WHO WANT A THIGH GAP LIKE A HUGE HUGE ONE THEN JUST ASK A BOY OR GIRL HOW DO U FEEL ON THIGH GAP. WHO FUCKEN THOUGHT OF A THIGH GAP? So fuck what people when they say you are fat or ugly. Cuz what’s really ugly is a bad,mean,stuck up bitch personality.

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